Blair Packham with glasses and western shirtY’know when you’re at a party and someone says “So, what do you do?”

I make music.

I make all kinds of music, for all kinds of reasons. And I do lots of music-related stuff: I teach songwriting, I co-host a radio show (about music), and I create music for television and film (and sometimes for commercials) but the main thing I do—the thing I care most about—is write songs for myself.

I write songs for me to sing and play. I use my songwriting as mode of self-expression, which I guess seems like an obvious thing to say but lots of songwriters put on personas or voices, write for other people, or write to have hits.

I write to be better understood, to be heard, and to make sense of the world around me.

So far, I have two solo (post-Jitters) albums to my name. I am finishing my third (electric power pop), my fourth (co-writes with an interesting list of artists), and my fifth (stripped-down acoustic trio recordings) right now with more than a dozen songs in the can, and about a dozen more ready to record.  I expect to release #3 in April 2017, with #4 and #5 to follow within a year or so. (Amazing, even to me. Wish me luck!)

You can check out my music on SoundCloud, or buy it on and from iTunes.

You might also want to check out a few of my songs here: