Great Pictures Made Better with Great Music
Music amplifies the emotional content of any televisual presentation, cluing the viewer in to the story’s intent, sometimes changing a mood dramatically or helping to smooth a transition…And a great theme song can help make a show memorable.

blair packham film tvI’ve had an enjoyable career writing for film and television ever since about 1991: everything from feature film scores to “sports rock” to commercial jingles to animated theme songs. In fact, in recent years, I seem to have actually focused on writing music for kids’ animation (I wrote the theme songs to Spliced!, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Trucktown, and my ex-wife, Arlene Bishop, and I co-wrote the lyrics to the original Beyblade theme, and I was the singing voice for the theme song to Rescue Heroes).

What I’d really like to do more of is long-form scoring: feature films, documentaries, video games.

My musical range is broad; I feel comfortable writing rock-, pop- or blues/roots/country-based scores/themes but also EDM, trance, or big, dramatic orchestral music. I’m a creative and precise lyricist as well as composer, so while I love composing a memorable theme song for a given show (whether a Gilligan’s Island-style full-of-exposition story song or something more intuitive, emotional, and even plain instrumental), I really enjoy responding to and supporting the emotions on the screen.

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A theme song exists separately from the emotions of the show—setting the mood and tone—but the underscore is a direct conduit to the director’s emotional intent. I find making that connection thrilling, and ultimately satisfying. I’ve scored four feature films (three with the talented Terence M. Gowan) and I’m eager to do more.

My television and film music work has appeared on Global Television, CBC Television, CBC Newsworld, CTV, TSN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, W Network, Oxygen, OLN, and others around the world.

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