Songwriting Posts

Making the Familiar Fresh

Let’s agree that the most basic job of the songwriter is to make the listener feel something. But let’s say you’re writing about your own feelings—how do you tell someone your heart is “broken” and have them actually care? Well, another job of the songwriter is to make the familiar fresh so that we may yet again feel something […]

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The Use of Clichés in Songwriting

The other day, I was talking about this blog of mine with a songwriting friend who had happened to read a few entries. He commented that my writing was somehow more “big picture” than others he’d read, and that this is good, because there are already so many songwriting blogs that deal with standard topics […]

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Being Honest With Yourself

I think it’s really important for human beings—not just songwriters—to be as honest with themselves as possible about everything, but especially their own motives for doing things. It’s difficult to do at the best of times, but it’s worth shooting for, and doing it might change your life. Being brutally honest with yourself can hurt, […]

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