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Hear Blair’s interview and live-in-the-studio songs from the Drew Marshall Show on CJYE on Oakville, Ontario, late January 2018.

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(reviews of UNPOPULAR POP)

“…This album is incredibly strong, and consists of well-played, -produced and -mixed songs.

Packham is joined by some famous friends. Ron Sexsmith and Steven Page provide backing vocals on ‘Don’t Know Why I Feel This Way’ and ‘Loved By You,’ and Paul Myers lends vocals to ‘The Other Side’…

There is some of the clever wordplay that fans expect, but elsewhere are some thoughtful, serious and seemingly personal lyrics. Listen to “Proof”, one of the highlights on the album.  ‘You want proof of God’s existence?’, Packham asks.  ‘Adopt an orphan, have a baby, Or fall in love without resistance.’  A brave song and one that is a beautiful work of art.” —Aaron Badgley, The Spill Magazine


(reviews of COULD’VE BEEN KING…)

“Spectacular. Several gems attest to Packham’s acerbic wit, to a love of language, to a brutal cynical streak…” —Greg Quill, The Toronto Star

“Like taking the best of Beatles pop, roots rock, blues and country Americana, stirring it up with a big dose of pop, Blair Packham takes the common and mundane and turns it into an insightful, storytelling song that speaks to the ears of your ears and the thinker behind your thoughts.” —

‘‘‘One Hit Wonder’ alone is worth the cost of the entire Blair Packham album or any number of albums. Never mind that the subject matter itself is tantalizing enough— about a Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett appearance—the song’s concept and execution is absolutely brilliant.” —Larry LeBlanc, Billboard



“This set of superbly-crafted pop is organic in every sense: tuneful, honest, sharp-witted,
and performed with style and confidence.” —The Toronto Star

“Packham has a knack for intelligent, hooky tunes that fans of Elvis Costello, Matthew Sweet and ilk should make every effort to seek out. Great playing, tight songs and lyrics make this release a winner.” —Vancouver Province

“The lyrics are intelligent and poignant, and the melodies are strong. Packham…is one of Canada’s best unsung pop writers.” —CBC Newsworld

“A versatile voice and pop smarts from one of Canada’s best unsung pop writers.” —Ron Sexsmith 

“Clever-clever, lyric-driven pop with a chip on its shoulder.” —Now Magazine